6-3-17: We are offering a hot deal on the Stump 2 W/ regular sized windows at this time. In stock inventory only, we have a half of dozen at this time. Must call for details! 507-456-1152 - Ask for Dave

 3-16-17: Spring is coming and and that's a good time to get them gravity feeders in and your Deer blinds up so you don't interupt your hunting this fall.

3-16-17: Now is the time of year to start thinking about getting your Shock Effect Enhancer so you can maximize your Bucks antler growth and reap the benefits this fall.                                                               

4-11-16: Anyone from Minnesota or coming to Minnesota for fishing should get a hold of this guy. He is an experienced guide and knows the hot spots to catch big fish. His name is Daniel Rud and here is how you can get a hold of him. Email is danielrud@gmail.com, Text: 507-649-2432 Relay VP: 507-412- 8859.


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